Candle Care for Dummies!!!

A lot of us love our candles. We grew up around them and when we became old enough, we bought and burned our own. At least that was the case with me.

But even though we love our smell goods we don't always know the best way to care for them. 

As a candle maker I strive to create the easiest and best experience possible for my customers, so here are some candle care tips for a longer lasting, safe, and enjoyable, aromatic experience. 


Before I started making candles it never occurred to me to trim my candle wick. Now I can't imagine why so many people don't trim them. Trimming your wick provides a cleaner burn, makes your candle last longer, throws the scent better, but most importantly REDUCES THE RISK OF FIRE.

Please Please Please. If you learn nothing else from me please trim your wicks folks. 

You can trim your wick with scissors or nail clippers. But for the best cut (and just to be fancy) you can get a wick trimmer. They are pretty inexpensive and come in all sorts of aesthetically pleasing colors. You can even get them in efficient candle care kits complete with a snuffer and dipper. 

My favorite is the rose gold but black and silver are also popular color options. 

wick trimmer candle

Never Burn Longer Than 4 Hours 

Burning a candle for too long will cause a carbon to form on the wick. Carbon can create a flame that is too big for your jar and smoke or soot will start to form, and potentially cause a fire. That black stuff on your candle jar? Probably caused by a candle that was burning too long and soot started to form. 

candle burning

 Never Use Water 

Water can cause hot wax to splash and glass candle jars to break. Candle fires are similar to grease fires. Water can cause a bad situation to get worse and an even bigger fire than before.

The best way to extinguish your candle is to use a wick snuffer or to smother the flame with the candle lid.  

Avoid Drafts & Vents 

Any type of wind or draft can cause uneven burning and sooting and can also affect the fragrance effectiveness of the candle. 


Honorable mentions that don't really need an explanation

Always keep an eye on your candle and don't leave me in a room unattended.

Don’t burn candles near flammable objects. (obvi)

Keep away from small children and pets.


Bonus Tip!!!

Candle finished and scraping the bottom?


Remelt the wax and pour it in a wax melter to extend your candle life!

Tutorial coming soon, follow on TikTok and Instagram at @cocoakimani for more helpful tips. 

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